What is Imoggi.com : Scam or legit

What is Imoggi.com

Hello guys and welcome to my review of Imoggi.com. In this review we will be assessing the legitimacy of the site and helping you all who may have questions regarding the site. Have you come across the site on some Facebook ads or some Instagram page or maybe you Have been referred to the site by someone or may have us bought from them and haven’t received your item yet. Well, if you have already bought from them and haven’t received anything yet I suggest that you quickly start contacting your bank and try to get them to cancel your transaction with this fraudlent online store that is only after your money. If you have these questions such as What is Imoggi.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fraudulent, honest, fake, genuine, trustwothy, a good or an awful onlime store to but from then this review might just be of some help


The truth about Imoggi.com

Imoggi.com is just one of the sites that are advertising on Facebook. Yeah the site is a scam and is claiming to be selling some Ferrari watch for a price that is quite real low for the item and a real huge price cut they are claiming. If you have been planning on buying from Imoggi.com you may have to think again because they are a scam and don’t have any intention of sending you any watch as they claim.

They are not the only fake store that is advertising the Ferrari watches they are a bunch of them that have been advertising with the same price and same item and same pictures and definitely are owned by the same scammers or scammer.  If you buy from the site you will not o my lose the money you will have had paid but they may even over charge your credit card because this is what they are commonly known for. Below are some signs to help you out on what is Imoggi.com.


Scam signs

Imoggi.com is just like many of the other sites that are advertising on Facebook and many other sites that have scammed people in the past a site too new to be trusted and all I have ever learned from these sites with new dates is that you should never trust them. The site is also too good to be real in terms of their prices. No one really knows anything about the admin of the site and they don’t have any contact details and they have clearly not give. At infor at whois. You may want to check out their whois page.





Imoggi.com isn’t the first of these sites and as at date of post these are the most trending scam sites that have the name irakitic.com. Make sure you fall for none of them because if you do you will risk your money and won’t receive anything. If you have more questions on what is Imoggi.com please leave a comment below.

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