What is imenmall.com : Scam alert

What is imenmall.com

Hey there welcome to this review of imenmall.com. The site is a new online store that is currently as at date of post advertising their products on Facebook. I’m sure you may have come across the ads of the site or any other site that has been advertising some Ferrari watch. In this review we will be asssessing the legitimacy of the site and help all those who may be wondering whether the site is a trust worthy site or not. Well, If you have been planning on buying from them make sure you don’t because the site is a scam. If you have such questions like what is imenmall.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, real, fraudulent, trustworthy, bad or good online store to buy some watch from then this review might just help you not get scammed.


The trust about what is imenmall.com

Imenmall.com has been advertising their Ferrari watch or a watch they claim they have and no one can be sure of that. They also have put it on promotion with a huge part of the price cut. If you choose to buy from these guys you are simply giving them access to your credit card and by sending them money you should not expect them to send you anything because they are a scam just like the rest of these sites.

Imenmall.com is not the only site that is advertising these fake products which they don’t even have. There are many other sites advertising in Facebook and Instagram too that are selling or maybe we should say claiming to be selling some good brand watches like Benz and Ferrari and the like and some caps or shoes too. They are all scam sites and have been around for quite some time and new ones are created everyday..If you see a new site advertising then don’t even think of buying from them they are most likely scam. Below are some scam signs to help you out with what is imenmall.com.


Scam signs

Imenmall.com is a twin of another scam site called irakitic.com. The site has also been advertising and may still be. I’m sure you can also see the name irakitic on the site. Of course the twin of a scam is a scam too. The site is also too new to be trusted. As at date of post the site is just about a month old and was created on 28 June 2019. They also don’t have any phone number to call to avoid getting tracked and at whois they have hidden their whois details. You may want to check out their whois page.





You can’t trust the site. They are a scam and simply want you to send them money believing you will receive some Ferrari watch. They have lots of other scam sites and you should not buy from them. If you do they may even over charge you. There are already some complaints from people who have been scammed by these sites which look the same way.  If you have been scammed please share your view and if you have questions on what is imenmall.com.

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