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What is Hotpowerxca.top

Hello guys and welcome to review of Hotpowerxca.top. In this review we are going to be looking at the legitimacy of this site to help all those who may be wondering whether the site is real or not. The site has been advertising some EOS mark 2 camera and what you want to know is that the price is just too good that even of you never thought of buying any camera you may think of getting one and it is also too good that you may think it is a scam and you are definitely right the site is not to be trusted and only has some intention to scam you. Hopefully no one one falls for this and so for all those who have questions such as What is Hotpowerxca.top, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, trustworthy, real, honest, good or a bad online store then this review might just be of some help as we help expose this scam site.


The truth about what is Hotpowerxca.top

If you had been planning on buying from the site you definitely will get scammed. The site is just like some other scam site which were online may be a month or 2 ago advertising the very same thing and the very same price and too bad that site was a scam and scammed quite some people too. If you but from them you won’t be getting anything in return and they will disappear soon because they always do.

The site has been online for a very short time and there are many other online stores that are advertising on Facebook the very same way they are and all these sites are not to be trusted. You can only trust some well known and tone tested sites otherwise for these like Hotpowerxca.top you will get scammed and lose your money. So below are some scam signs to help you not get scammed.


Scam signs

There are a lot on the site and the very first of them is the price that the site is charging in pretty sure we all agree that the price is just too good to be true and if you can make some good judgements you would definitely want to look them up before buying. The site is also too new to be trusted. They haven’t been online for long and y9u can’t trust a new site never do it they always disappoint. The site is also an exact photocopy of scam sites that we may fail to recall the names but have reviewed here before they look exactly alike and definitely are owned by the same scammer. You may also want to check their whois details below and see what they are hiding.





The site is a fake site and you should not buy from them. If you have been planning on doing so make sure you don’t to avoid getting scammed. The site only wants you to give your credit card details and you may find lots and lots of cash drawn from your bank without you knowing and you won’t receive the camera either. If you have questions such as what is Hotpowerxca.top, or have been scammed please leave a review or question below.

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