What is Gimalls.com : Beware of scam

What is Gimalls.com

Hello everybody and welcome to this review of Gimalls.com. in this review we are going to be assessing the legitimacy of this fake and fraudulent online store so yea already you have an idea of what this site is all about, it’s all about your money, no services, no delivery just your money. I’m sure you may have come across the site on some social media ads and hopefully you dont let them get into your head through the persuasive advertising because the only way this ends if you buy from them is you being scammed. So.if you have any questions regarding what is Gimalls.com, is Gimalls.com a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, trustworthy, a good or bad online store to buy from theĀ  you will find almost all the one to you need here.


What others are saying about this site.

This site is being reviewed here to help others who may have come across them because some people out there also came across the site when no one had said a thing about them and got scammed because there was no infor about them anywhere. The site has been reported by a number of people for having over charged credit cards and sometimes they may even charge you twice and at some times charge you for some membership fee that you know nothing about.

So definitely you wont be receiving anything and this can be told through the experiences of those who have also been scammed before you. There are a bunch of these sites that have been popping up over the last few months if not more than a year now and they have scammed thousands and thousands of people already and there are hundreds of these sites that are still in existence. Don’t trust these ads because more than 90% of the sites advertising on facebook have always come out to be scams. Below are some of the scam signs that you may want to know about.


Scam signs

Gimalls.com hasn’t been online long enough to be trusted. The site was created in June 2019 according to the information that is on whois where all sites are registered and the site is too new to be trusted. The site is also charging prices that are lower than what the items being sold would cost on a real legit market. There also is no contact details that can be used to contact them because they don’t want to be tracked. You may want to check out their whois details.





Don’t buy from this fake site. It is always the same case whereby you try to buy from them and they charge your credit card more than what they should charge and don’t send you a thing because they are thieves. If you have had some experience with them please make sure you leave a report and increase awareness. If you have more questions regarding what is Gimalls.com leave a comment too.

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