What is Azcozy.com : Beware of Scam

What is Azcozy.com

Whilst browsing some facebook posts I came across this site called Azcozy.com. Azcozy.com is pretty new and was advertising some bedding sets and rugs. Since you are looking for information about this site I’m sure you also came across these facebook ads and in this review we are going to be looking at the site to assess their legitimacy and help all those who may be wondering whether or not they can trust this site or not. Well, Azcozy is not a site that you may want to trust, they are an u trustworthy site that is after your money, if you buy from them you will lose your money and not get anything in return. So if you habe such questions as what is Azcozy.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, good or a bad online store then this review might just be an eye opener.


The truth about what is Azcozy.com

Azcozy.com has been online for just about a month now as at date of review and that is quite new. The bad thing about these sites is that no one has ever said a thing about them because they are still real new and you may have to be the first one to have some experience with them and if unlucky you may the first one to get scammed. The site is a scam just like many hundreds of sites that have also been scamming people the same way.

Lately there have been  a bunch of these online stores that have been using facebook as a platform for their advertisements and it always works well they get lots of attention and lots of victims, scam victims. So if you have been planning on buying from this site which is one of the scam online stores using facebook to trick you into believing they are legit you may want to think again. Below are some of the scam signs that may help keep you away from the site.


Scam signs

In sure you may have had noticed the price cuts that they are claiming. They are selling their bedding sets and rugs for half price and that pricing system is not only too good but also being used by a bunch of many other scam sites. According to whois where all sites have their registration details the site was created on the 30th of July 2019 and it too new to be trusted. They have also not provided details of who owns the site and they don’t have any phone number to contact them through.





Azcozy.com is no different from many other online stores that are using fake prices and promotions to steal money from people.  If you don’t want to get scammed then you better keep away from the site because they simply want you to send them money. If you have any more questions regarding what is Azcozy.com or have had some experience please leave a comment below.

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5 comments on “What is Azcozy.com : Beware of Scam

  1. Gerry

    This is not a scam site. They acknowledged the order; reached out when slightly delayed; sent shipping info and it arrived. Great quality and fair pricing.

    1. Pennie

      Hi Gerry

      Glad you received yours it’s been over a month and I still have not received my rug. I have messaged them for 3 days to no response. Yes they sent me shipping but my shipping just keeps saying enroute . I tried to contact DHL but nothing so I hope your right and I receive my rug. Mine tracking shows it was handed over to usps well usps does not deliver this heavy and large sized rug that was my fishy clue something wasn’t right then 3 days of messaging to not one response

  2. Ronette Mckee.

    I was ordering this morning from AZCOZY. After finding 2 beautiful cowboy type rugs and 2 beautiful bedding sets i went to pay..checkout, my order came to $300. It took all my info, credit card , address ect then my order went to $400!! I backtracked and took off 1 of the beddings. It then said my order was $199 U.S Dollars (im Canadian)..then it was tryn to force me to use PayPal n charge me $300! Im new to fb and online shopping.I kept backtracking to figure it out. Same thing kept happening. So i tried calling the # i found it was answered by a loud screaching sound!! Fax perhaps. I emailed 5x today last one saying i will spread the word..something not right with this site. Im now caing madyercstd to be sure ayment doesn’t go thru..hopefully im able to stop it without a confirmation email. If not i don’t know what to do!!!

  3. Lynn Ford

    You have actually purchased and received an item from Azcozy? Are you in USA? I am in Canada. I was interested in the 2 types of tree of life rugs for our Tree if Life Project in the DR. Constructing a refuge home for teen moms. Verifying authenticity of site as we would be using donors money to purchase. Thank you for a reply.


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