What is Arishawie.com : Benz watch scam

What is Arishawie.com

Here is another site that is claiming to be along some Mercedes Benz watches with a 61% discount. Hello everyone and welcome to this review of Arishawie.com. in this review we will be looking at the legitimacy of this site to assess whether they are a legit online store or just another fake and untrustworthy site that wants to rip you off your money. Have you been shopping at the site if you have perhaps you may want to share your view but what I know for sure is that the site is a scam and the owner has quite a number of these fake sites that are using the Benz name to scam people. Already some people have fallen for it and if you have such questions as what is Arishawie.com, is it a scam, legit, fake, fraudulent, trust worthy, genuine, real, bad or a good online store to shop then this is for you.


The trust about what is Arishawie.com

Okay honestly I have had to do many review of these fake and fraudulent stores that have been advertising on Facebook and not surprisingly I have come across these mercedes Benz scam sites quite a number of times. They are a lot of them claiming to be selling some Benz shoes, me Benz watch, some Benz cap and stuff like that when they are just a bunch of scam sites owned by the same person or maybe same people.

Anyways for all of you that didn’t know Facebook and Instagram have become one major playground for scammers. Here is the plan of it, they advertise on Facebook or Insta because they¬† can get access to a lot of people and they know people will trust them more. Once you decide to buy the next thing you know is you wait till your decide to call or email them and they don’t reply you and months pass without receiving anything or they may just disappear in a few days, weeks or months. Below are some scam signs for you to take note of.


Red flags

First thing is that the site is using a scam email address and by that I mean an email address that is being used by many other scam sites sites as valentiino and luciiano are all using the very same email address info@giftaz.com email address. The site also is a relatively new site which was created in June 2019 making it too new to be trusted. There are also charging a price cut that is too good to be realistic and at the same time have hidden their whois details as you shall see on their whois page below.





Like many other scam sites that have been advertising on Facebook this fake Benz site is all about stealing money from you. Once you buy from them you won’t hear from them because they won’t be sending you anything for the money you will have had paid. Already there are some people who have tried contacting the site about their orders and have realised they have been scammed. If you have been scammed please share your review in the comments section below and help on what is Arishawie.com.

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